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Now, Forager

Hollywood Reporter “noteworthy newcomer Gabrielle Maisels…[is] sparklingly vivid”

Roger Ebert ***1/2, “Meanwhile, in the movie’s best sequence, Gabrielle Maisels…”

L.A.Times “…a fantastic Gabrielle Maisels…”

VARIETY  A one-off stint as caterer for Republican faux-foodie April (Gabrielle Maisels) is a hoot”

TrustMovies “The scenes involving this gig are spectacularly good: riveting and real but never going over-the-top.”

Independent Cinema Office U.K. 

IndieWire “beautifully photographed ….This is a food lovers’ film told from an unusual pov….”

New Directors/New Films  “The actress who plays the stuck-up rich lady Lucien cooks for is so wonderfully reprehensible!”

Capital New York  “Maisels is very funny”

Bongani  “It is to Maisels’s great credit that this piercingly political play never sacrifices the characters’ complexity or agency in exposing the rottenness of the apartheid system…This lovingly detailed yet epic story somehow fits in Maisels’ single body.” 

TheatreMania “…packs a powerful punch.”  On a virtually bare stage…writer/performer Gabrielle Maisels delivered the best one-person show of the festival.”

Chelsea Now

The Starry Eye

Two Girls

Brooklyn Eagle – “…brilliantly written play…”

Jewish Week Review

Orient Lodge  “…must-see production…”

Metromix  “…theatre beyond the empty gloss of Broadway.” Maisels navigates this emotional breakdown with… complete awareness of every emotion in her body, allowing the audience to feel the strife of an entire country.” 

Men of Clay “Gabrielle Maisels is both smart and sweet as Stan’s ex-girlfriend…” “the strongest performances come from the supporting players [including] Gabrielle Maisels as Rocky Gorelick, Stan’s pragmatic and appealing girlfriend.”

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