The Breath Work Acting Studio

Totally moving, totally inspiring…it was an incredible thing to watch people not just “work”, but completely allow the spirit of the moment to come through them — to be alive to it and to be so completely present as to encourage and enable JOY. I was moved past my judgements and my heady talk into a place of being…just being there…listening and responding.” — Radha

This class is amazing and has completely changed the way I approach acting. You push me in the right direction so that I can do good work outside of class, too. You’ve given me tools and guidance on what to do when I’m stuck. And most of all, it’s such a welcoming, safe environment which is both completely freeing and absolutely supportive.” — Hannah


Every Thursday, 11am – 2pm, September – July

Who is this class for?
This class is for both professional actors and those new to acting. The Breath Work is a groundbreaking technique that provides actors with reliable tools for both stage and film.

•Classes are based on Carol Fox Prescott’s “Acting on the Breath.” For more on the technique click here.

•8 students max.

•Everyone works every class

•Scenes, monologues, songs, original work, audition sides – all are welcome.

•Prospective students are welcome to audit the class

Class Details
Thursdays, 11 AM – 2 PM.

Four-week session: $195.

Location: CAP21 Studios, 18 W 18th St.

To Register: Click the Contact button, above.


4-Week Breakthrough with the Breath Work

Mondays, October 5 – 26

Actors, Musicians, Performers, Humans: does any part of your creative work feel stuck? The Breath Work will release you. Come experience your most satisfying work. Professionals and beginners are equally welcome.

Everyone works, every class. Limit 8 students.

Cost: $245.00

Register here.

Acting on the Breath
When you focus on something that will keep you present to what is going on in each moment of now instead of thinking of what’s about to happen, what you’re supposed to feel, how to make sense of the line, whether or not the last moment was “good,” the door to your unconscious imagination is opened and you can sail right through.
– From Breathing, Awareness and Joy, by Carol Fox Prescott

Private coaching:
One-hour session: $70.
The first session for new students will be discounted to $60 per hour.

“Yesterday I was struggling through a scene and Gabrielle told me to do things with my body that didn’t make sense, release the sound; the result was that I was able to get out of my head about my preconceived notions of the character and scene, and “get in the room” and hear the words that I was saying, and hear my scene partner as well.” — Michelle

Gabrielle’s Background
After studying Political Theory at Harvard and Columbia, Gabrielle studied acting for eight years with Carol Fox Prescott, playwriting with Matt Hoverman and improv with Artistic New Directions in addition to study at The Atlantic Theater Company, Michael Howard Studios, The New Actors’ Workshop, The Actors’ Center, and Studio 5 among others. She has experience with Meisner technique, Suzuki, Viewpoints, stage combat, improv, Michael Chekhov, clown, mask work, Fitzmaurice, voice training, and assorted styles of dance. Gabrielle is a Certified Yoga Teacher and a Licensed Massage Therapist, and has been teaching students in one discipline or another since she was 18. For more about Gabrielle, see the About Me page.

2 thoughts on “The Breath Work Acting Studio

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  2. Hi Gabrielle,
    It’s Mary from last night karaoke sensation. I would love to talk more about a private breath work session with you. I just started seeing a breath therapist and I saw immediate changes in my instrument. I want to keep up what I learned with her by holding a daily practice for myself. Please tell me what info you need from me!! My schedule is so packed right now because I’m transitioning to a new job and am working at my old job simultaneously. I do not have Thursday’s free as of now, so I cannot join your group sessions. When you schedule settles I’d love to find a time and work with you. So lovely meeting you both last night. X

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