Are you feeling brave?

An exciting offer for the performers out there: Come to my acting class for the next six weeks, then get up on stage on Nov. 21st.

SIX WEEKS of acting class then GET UP IN FRONT OF PEOPLE and do your work! Sound scary? Good! Let’s do it!

THE SHOW: Thurs., Nov. 21, 7pm “Open Class” – students work on scenes/solo pieces in front of invited audience.

THE PREP: Six weeks of class, Thursdays 11-2. (Starts this Thursday)

THE COST: Only $225 (includes 6 weeks of class plus Open Class showing)

THE WHY: Because The Breath Technique will revolutionize your work.  Because this class is a true community. Because you haven’t performed in too long. Because exhilarating work reminds you of why you’re an actor in the first place!

To join us, use the contact form, or send an email to I look forward to working with you!